I Refuse To Support ‘Mommy & Me’ Mani-Pedis

Every once in a while, not nearly as often as I would like, I treat myself to a pedicure.  For $30, I get to sit back and relax as someone else does all the dirty work of making my feet a little less ucky.  To be fair, I should say that I really dislike feet, even my own, so I spend most of the time feeling embarrassed about making someone else touch my feet.  But I sit through it so that when I wear sandals or peep toes or take off my shoes at home, I don’t look like a cave woman.

Through all of that embarrassment, I still find the whole process to be relaxing.  I look forward to my roughly bi-monthly visits to the nail salon.  Sometimes, I don’t even bring in my cell phone, so that no one can bug me while I’ll sit there reading a random magazine and trying not to kick my technician in the face when she tickles my feet.

So this weekend, I left my husband and daughter at home and went for a little Mommy time.  I plopped down in my vibrating chair with OPI’s Diva of Geneva and prepared to be spoiled. All of a sudden, I hear a sound that I’m not supposed to hear at a nail salon.  It’s a sound that I hear all too often, but just shouldn’t be subjected to when I’m trying to relax.  I hear Ariel.  Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid singing about whozits and whatzits and thingamabobs.  It’s a great song, don’t get me wrong.  I hope it sticks in your head the rest of the day now, too.  But I don’t want to hear it while I’m trying to have my ‘Me Time’.

Why was The Little Mermaid playing at a nail salon?  That’s a great question!  I’m glad you asked.  It was playing because the mother next me had brought her 7 year old daughter in for a mani-pedi as well.  “She got an A on her spelling test, so we’re having a Mommy and Me trip to the salon.”  The woman told me in a hushed and excited tone.  “That’s… great,” I managed to say awkwardly as I remembered the sticker I was lucky to get on a test in elementary school.  As the mother/daughter combo finished up about 20 minutes later, I heard the mother make their next appointment.  Apparently, three weeks from now, the little girl will have aced another test.  “Let’s make sure she gets the Princess Chair again, too!”  That’s right.  My favorite nail salon has installed a Princess massage chair for the 12 and under set.  And it comes with a DVD player, so the little girls can watch their favorite princess movies during their Mommy and Me time.

Now I can fully support Mommy and Me swim classes, yoga workouts and tea time.  My daughter and I spend lots of time dressing up like princesses and dancing around our house.  But Mommy and Me mani-pedis just take it too far.  A line must be drawn!  And here is my big line in the sand.  If I can’t even get away once a month and spend $30 on my poor toes, there is no way my little girl is going to get monthly $25 mani-pedi of glittery pink polish that will chip off in two days.  And I can apply that crap at home!  I don’t have feminist issues with allowing my daughter to sport Lisa Frank-inspired neon fingernails.  I have a logical issue with spending that much money so that my daughter can pretend to be a grown up.  If I’m going to spend quality time with my daughter, I hope it will focus on child activities, something the two of us can learn and do together.  Something suitable for a child.  I hope Mommy and Me time doesn’t become a situation where I drag my daughter along to my grown-up girl activities and call it bonding.

I don’t think we need to have another place where children are banned. I’m not saying that salons should start carding. But next time, maybe I’ll request the princess chair at my nail salon.  That way no one’s little darling will be there to ruin my Mommy time.

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  • Nicole

    Amen!! Did I write this article??? I know a woman who takes her 3-year-old for mommy-and-me mani-pedis at one of the busiest shopping centers in town, then takes pictures and blasts them all over Facebook. No thank you! I know it’s adorable and everything, but all you’re doing is setting your daughter up to be a spoiled princess. I didn’t get my first pedi until I was 19, and it was the most magical day of my life. To this day, getting a pedi still is a magical time that I look forward to. If you take that excitement factor away before she’s young enough to appreciate how special it is, what’s left?

    • Merce

      What if it’s her birthday and she would like to spend quality time with her daughter who loves something like this?? I think either go to a salon that’s for adults only or get over it and bring your iPod!! Spoiled brat…it’s called love!! Not something I’ve personally done but my god get a life!! You sound spoiled!!

  • Eileen

    Why would a seven-year-old even want a mani-pedi? I didn’t visit a salon until I was about fourteen (and I haven’t gone back since, except for haircuts, because I like to do my nails myself)…and it was still hard for me to sit still!

    Although I might be more willing to go to a salon if they played The Little Mermaid/em>.

  • Jessica

    You said it! I don’t do the pedicure thing that often – it’s not really my thing, but I’ll go if my feet start to look particularly world-weary. But I’ll never bring my 6 year old daughter. It’s not something she needs (or even is interested in) – it’s a grown-up thing. I realize that I’m in the minority with that opinion, but I believe it’s true. When she can afford to pay for it herself (which will probably be during the teen years, if she gets a job), then she can get a pedicure.

    I also dislike this trend of appearance-focused activities passing as mother-daughter bonding time. Not to mention the chemicals wafting through those places – I can’t stand seeing infants and young kids exposed to that stuff.

  • MomInNh

    I don’t understand how a child having their fingernails or toenails painted could possibly “ruin your mommy time”. I get a mani-pedi every 2 weeks, and I see young girls with their mothers all the time. Hell, I’ve even brought my own daughter for special occasion primping. Of course, she’s a teenager, not a 6 or 7 year old. But back to the point… How does anyone else “ruin” your experience??? You state that you’re already uncomfortable being there and having to force someone else to touch your ucky feet. Could your anxiety or stress of the experience make you more annoyed in general? I can’t believe that anyone could be so selfish as to want to deny others of their own experience. Maybe you should make your appointments during school days during school hours if you are so opposed to anyone under 18 being in a PUBLIC nail salon. The self entitlement that is being thrown around is unbelievable. In short, dear author… You suck. Your attitude sucks, your entitlement sucks, your entire argument just plain sucks.

  • Angie

    I occasionally take my daughters with me to get their nails painted while I get a pedi.
    My personal opinion is that there is nothing wrong with them having a little treat while I have one – and I only go for a pedi when I am in dire need or have a special occasion coming up so it is in no way on a regular basis. I don’t allow them to have a full on manicure or a pedicure but I’m cool with a little nail polish. BTW – my kids are 7 and 10.

  • Renee

    Ever considered the possibility of, oh, I don’t know… doing the pedicure yourself? You would begrudge a girl a mani/pedi whilst you sit there having someone hunched over and scrubbing your feet when you have two perfectly capable hands… the hypocrisy is simply stunning. Is there an age when entitlement is acceptable?

  • Shawnna

    I think this article is out of line. Some girls really enjoy getting their nails and toes done. I have a 9 year old daughter and we have a blast at the nail salon. We do not go monthly but when we go we have a great time together. I do not think that 3 years olds should be there as they have a short attention span, however older children shouldn’t be an issue. If you do not like being around children, maybe you should not be a mother. I myself do every now and then like adult time, but that just means my kids won’t be around. I fully expect their to be children in the restaraunts or at the movies.

  • cristina

    Why would a seven-year-old even want a mani-pedi?
    Exactly. They don’t. It’s a grown up thing.
    I live in Italy and here mothers do not take their young girls to do mani/pedi.
    They do not need it. When, in California, I saw all these moms taking their little girls to be pampered with feet massage and glitters I was astonished. Yes, spoiled little princesses who get everything and everything too soon from their moms evidently suffering from a “always missing something” syndrom….

  • Nicki

    You are selfish and I know people are annoyed with you more than you are with them. I feel sorry for your daughter. Karmas a bitch honey and one day it’s going to slap you in the face. I hope your daughter does not take after you.

    Think about it you loser…. You went to mommy & me salon. It’s for mothers and their daughters. Your selfish ass went their without your daughter. You don’t want to go and deal with kids then go to an all adult salon. What did you expect? Grow the fuck up.

  • Kim

    AMEN! Only thing now is to find a new nail salon without a princess chair! And to Nicki who says “selfish”? Just wondering 1) how old you are; 2) how many kids you have; and 3) how old are your kids?

    I’m 45. With 3 kids. 21 (m), 19 (m) and 8 (f). I MUST have mommy time. And mani/pedi and or pre-spring tanning (only to start the base, don’t judge me!) works for me! It’s not selfish. trust me. I’ve been selfish my entire raising of my kids until the last 2 years. When I learned that until I take care of ME first, I cannot truly care for my kiddos. When I’m healthier and happier, they are much healthier and happier as well. Try it, you might like it!

  • pbandkelly

    I think it’s fine to do once in a while for fun if you’re child is into it. If you have a issue with it, the next time you make a appointment request a time slot when they have no children or find a salon that doesn’t do mommy and me. I understand you’re point of view but I still think this post was poorly written and I’m sorry you felt the need to express your anger in a distasteful article on the internet. I feel if you have a problem do something about it or get over it.

  • COmom

    To each their own. I have taken my four year old and she loves it. We do not have a standing monthly appointment. For her it is a special treat. Afterwards we go to the frozen yogurt place across the street. I personally love this time with her and feel that it is bonding time. I do not sit on my phone or shove my nose in a book, but instead I visit with, giggle and laugh with her. We also talk about what topping she plans to get in her yogurt. It is sad to see moms sitting behind a computer to attack each other for differences in parenting. Instead, maybe we should be praising one mom for spending time with her child and the other for taking time to pamper herself.