‘Caylee’s Law’ Proposed In Wake Of Casey Anthony Verdict

Less than 24 hours after Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, more than 45,000 have joined an online campaign calling for a federal law – named “Caylee’s Law” – that would make the failure of a parent to notify law enforcement of a child’s disappearance a felony.

The petition was created by Oklahoma woman Michelle Crowder, who said in a written statement: “I am hoping that this will be made into a federal law so that no other child’s life, disappearance, and/or death is treated in the manner that poor Caylee’s was treated. No child deserves that.”

The non-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony case has shocked the world, and one of the main controversies of the case is the fact that Anthony never notified law enforcement that her daughter was missing (Caylee’s grandmother Cindy Anthony notified police one month later). Crowder and her tens of thousands of supporters want to ensure that this never happens again.

Nearly 4,000 people have commented on the online petition site so far: “It’s CHILD NEGLECT if you don’t know where your child is for a minute let alone 31 days!!! Don’t make more children suffer.. pass this law!!!” wrote on supporter. “This should already be a law. It’s too late for Caylee but maybe it will help save other children. God Bless Caylee Marie Anthony,” urged another.

You can view the petition here or check out the related Facebook here.

(Photo: Dailymail.co.uk)

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  • Bernadette DeAngelis

    Caylee’s Law is an excellent idea. I’ve already signed the petition and encourage everyone to do so. Everything would have been different if Caylee was looked for sooner.

    Casey should be sued by all everyone she lied about, and Mr. Biaz should also be sued by Lee and George Anthony. He has ruined their lives by buying into Casey’s lies. She took him for a ride and won.

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  • kneejerk

    So “Crowder” gets her 15 minutes of fame by proposing another neo-nazi permission slip to prosecute a parent in the name of a child! Here is a real news flash, I am a custodial parent of a missing child, I reported the child missing to the police, yer because I “mentioned” the custody papers, the Oklahoma City police will not even take a report! I reported the situation to Oklahoma Department of Human Services, (Child Protective Services), and the inform me to call the Police!
    I am sure the petition and the law might become quite popular. It is a perfect kneejerk reaction to shift the responsibility of Law enforcement to victims.

    • Amy

      Kneejerk, obviously you have a bitter taste in your mouth because of the mistreatment that you have had to deal with and I am truly sorry for what you are going through BUT what right do you have to insult someone that is simply trying to help to protect children in the long run? I am in full support of this becoming a federal law and it IS the parents responsibility to report their child missing morally so why not make it legally? I would hate to think that you would be in support of child neglect. Just one more thought how is anyone shifting the responsibility of law enforcement when it is the PARENTS responsibility?

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