Mommyish Poll: Do You Think Casey Anthony Is Guilty?

Casey Anthony may have been handed at not guilty verdict, but there are plenty of people all of the interwebs that still think the 25-year-old mother is getting away with murder. Despite some serious gaps in the prosecution’s case against Casey, there are certain aspects to her and to her case that suggest that she did kill her daughter. After all, Casey’s mother was the first one to point the finger at her daughter when Caylee went missing and Casey didn’t exactly seem devastated after Caylee disappeared. She initially lied to the police about leaving Caylee with a nanny who ultimately didn’t exist and it was Casey’s mother who reported Caylee missing.

What do you think, mommies? Is Casey Anthony guilty?

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  • Stephanie

    I think at the very least they should have charged/found guilty of child negligence. I can’t believe it.

  • Eileen

    I still don’t get how you can tell the court, “My baby fell in the pool and died, so then I stuffed her in a bag and left her out in the woods and pretended for a month that everything was fine” and not get stuck with something.

    Also, as has been said many times…if you’re innocent, why do you go out of your way to make it look like a murder?

  • Krista

    She is guilty and she will get what’s coming to her! Poor little Caylee will get justice one day! And whoever voted not guilty above is just down right stupid. Iits sickening!

  • Jessica

    I don’t understand how the court can legitimize the fact there was enough evidence to convict Casey, and that there was “reasonable doubt”. Despite being mentally unstable, so much of the case doesn’t make sense. So because Casey was allegedly “sexually abused” by her father it lead her to make up a fictional person, aka “the nanny” that had her daughter. I’d love to know where they came up with the fact she drowned, and even if she did drown, Casey traumatic childhood is enough to excuse the fact that she stuffed her in a bag, taped her mouth, hid her in a trunk and then dumped her in the woods. Seems pretty fishy to me, I mean if she had reported that her daughter had drowned, she wouldn’t have spent the last 3-4 years in jail for being accused of murder. The whole situation is simply mind boggling, and leaves a poor child without justice. I don’t know how Casey Anthony sleeps at night.

    • Roni

      It was the 8-hours per day she spent in her attorney’s office from August 22 to October 14th. Also the time her attorney spent at her home planning with her and her parents.

  • Laura

    I don’t care whether Kaylee’s death was intentional, accidental or some combination of the two. I wasn’t on the jury, and didn’t see all of the evidence presented. I refuse to come to any conclusion based on my gut reaction to the sensationalized stories presented by the news media. A child’s life was cut short, and I mourn that.

    • Laura

      Ew. That got a little rant-y. My apologies…

    • Roni

      I did see the evidence both presented in court and the evidence that was not allowed do to prejudicial factors. I also watched every minute of the trial (and all pre-trial hearings) and the only thing I didn’t see was the duct tape wrapped around the childs mandible because of the judges orders to be respectful of Caylee.

      She was guilty of killing her child. I personally don’t believe it was an accident. No matter how scared you would be, you would want to do whatever to save your child. Shock would take over initially and it would be later that fear would come.

      I think she got off simply because the jury could not wrap their minds around a mother who would kill her child for selfish reasons. The evidence the prosecution could not provide showed an abusive Casey toward her parents and correspondence from Casey practically telling her mother she killed Caylee out of spite.

      I think all the evidence should have been allowed regardless of how prejudicial. It’s all facts in the case and I don’t see how justice can be served when evidence is suppressed.

  • susan

    As much as I agree that the evidence presented by the prosecutors was not strong enough to convict Casey Anthony of first degree murder since there was no proof of premeditation, there definately was enough evidence that baby Caylee died at the hands of her mother. Casey Anthony was the last person to see Caylee alive. That should have been enough for the manslaughter charge. Secondly, how is duct taping your daughters mouth shut, stuffing her little body in trash bags and dumping her in the woods not considered aggrivated child abuse? Are you kidding me? If that isn’t child abuse then I don’t know what is! This jury has said that Casey Anthony was a good mother, really? She let her daughters body rot to the point where cause of death could not be determined! She left the body in the woods so that animals can chew on Caylees little bones! That’s a great mom? She knew how to get away with it and now she has! I hope she rots in hell. She should have at leasf been convicted of the lesser two charges of manslaughter and aggrivated child abuse. Does a murder really have to be videotaped for someone to be convicted of murder when everything else points to that person? What has this world come to! Did the obviously stupid jury watch the same trial as I did?

  • Ron_NYC

    If only the jury had been made up of people who’d already made up their minds about her before hearing the facts. Then we’d have a fair trial! (sarcasm)

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