Child’s Artwork Goes From The Refrigerator To The Tattoo Parlor

In theory, I think children’s artwork is best left for the refrigerator. But what do you think about this woman who immortalized her child’s drawing with this extensive replica tattoo on her shoulder? And there’s more.

Via the discussion at Reddit where this original picture was posted, I found this gallery of other children’s artwork that found its way onto parents’ bodies.

Many of my friends have tattoos — and beautiful ones at that. I’m haunted by something an older friend told me when I first considered getting one: “It’s like picking out a T-shirt when you’re 19 and then having to wear it every day after that.” In that sense, though, a child’s loving piece of artwork beautifully interpreted by a tattoo artist might be one of the better options.

It’s certainly better than some of the line drawings of children’s actual photos that I see on various mothers here in DC.

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  • Somnilee

    I think it’s absolutely adorable :)

  • Meghan Keane

    Is it bad that I just want to critique the artwork a la the I Am Better Than Your Kids guy?

    For reference:

  • Tara

    I love the idea, its so cute! You won’t have to worry about regret later in life!

  • Beth

    I know this mom she is one of my oldest friends. She is a wonderful mother and just loved the drawing. She actually had no idea this was posted online until I found it on pinterest repinned by another friend. The cooments here arent bad but on ither sites they are cruel. Seriously people should keep their opinion to themselves. Its not your child. Its not your artwork. Its not you shoulder. If you dont like it look away but please be nice. This is a real person. People forget online and say anything they want.

  • Deb

    I am also friends with this mother and think it’s a wonderful idea. It truly shows that she loves her children and will be there for them forever. And what is the difference between this tattoo and the ones that men get that say “MOM” on their arm? This mother ROCKS!

    And as Shinedown sings :

    “No ones gonna cry
    On the very day you die
    You’re a bully”

  • Ester ‘Matthews’ Alegria

    I also have artwork done by my daughter, in fact my entire left arm is for her artwork. She’s an exceptional artist. Not a scribbler. Very detailed at 7 y/o. And I support her. I’ll have no other tattoos on my left side because from the time she was born, she’s preferred to lie/breastfeed on my left. And it’s not like an old shirt at all. It’s the tattoo (I have 20 ish) that I’m most proud :)