Melissa Hartwig, Co-founder of the Whole30

The Germans have a word, "fernweh." It has no direct English translation; the closest rendering is "feeling homesick for a place you have never been." I had yet to understand the full extent of the restless longing, the undeniable pull, and the visceral emotional connection of this word to a place until I arrived in Norway. Maybe I lived a past life here, or have heretofore unrecognized Scandinavian blood in my lineage; or perhaps the stark beauty and vast expanse of the land begged me to open my heart and connect with this church more deeply than anywhere I have ever been. Regardless, when broken down, fernweh literally translates to "farsickness." Suffice it to say that in this place, my heart was happy, and I will be joyfully suffering until I can return. • #melissagoestonorway #trolltunga #fernweh #justmelissa PC: a random kid on the trail; 🙏

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Melissa started the Whole30 in 2009 with her then-husband, Dallas. The clean-eating nutritional program has helped millions of people transform their lives. She gave birth to son Atticus in 2013, and has written and co-authored four books centered on the Whole30. She travels the world as an author and motivational speaker. And she keeps it REALLY real.