108347871Giving up holiday spirits doesn’t have to ruin yours. Here are 10 reasons why being pregnant during the holidays really does make it the most wonderful time of the year:

1. You can eat whatever you want without judgment. 

Everyone becomes a food monster during the holidays, but you are in the awesome position of people encouraging it. Even your uber judgmental mother won’t raise an eyebrow to that second plate of stuffing, since it’s “for the baby” and all. Stretchy maternity pants mean you’ll be super comfy post meal, perfect for lounging on the couch watching the game with a slice of pie.  Added bonus- you can avoid making the cliché “I’m going to lose 10 lbs” New Year’s Resolution and actually enjoy the holidays.

2.Everyone will cook to suit your cravings.

 Maybe you don’t care for your Aunt’s green beans but have always been too polite to refuse. This year, blame the nausea, and she’ll give you a sympathy pat on the arm as well as a free pass. Hate marshmallows on the yams? Tell your MIL and she will banish them to the far corner of the pantry. Your culinary wish is everyone’s demand.

Love your aunt’s cookie bars but find your cousins always destroy them before the main course leaving you with crumbs? She’ll make you an extra batch to eat in the privacy of your own home over the course of one evening. She will even admonish your partner that these are YOUR cookies, saving you from the awkward embarrassment of having to apologize for growling at him when he reaches for the box.
3. No one expects you to clean up.

Everyone knows the worst part of a big meal is the cleanup .All that fancy china is hand wash only, leaving you with pruned fingers and a soggy shirt. There’s never enough aluminum foil or Tupperware and no room in the fridge. Plus, by now the sides are starting to congeal and there is something about being full that makes the turkey look less like delicious noms and more like a carcass. Just smile sweetly when someone inevitably tells you to “Go sit down and relax”. Why, don’t mind if I do.

 4. You have the perfect excuse to get out of office parties.

 Even when not with child, holiday office parties suck. There’s never alcohol, or if there is, you can’t really drink in front of your boss. It’s mostly making chitchat with the spouses of coworkers whose names you forget immediately after being introduced or talking with you coworkers as usual, only now you’re not getting paid. Being pregnant at a dull party like this makes you a form of entertainment. You’ll spend the night repeating yourself with stats such as your due date, the gender, your plans for breastfeeding and what the nursery looks like- all while avoiding women who want to tell you their labor horror story and people who want to touch your belly. Claim exhaustion and curl up with a reality TV marathon instead.

5. People will tell you how pretty you look no matter what.

 If you do decide to be social during the holiday season, no worries. Some pregnant woman are lucky enough to get thick shiny hair and nails as part of their bump package, others get a chubby melon face to match their new puffy lips. Either way, people will say “you’re glowing”. Enjoy it. And don’t worry about what to wear. It really doesn’t matter. You could wear an oversized men’s button-down with yoga pants to a black tie affair and no one will notice since people will only be looking at your mid-section. (Ok, fine, they may also check out your awesome new cleavage, but mostly they’ll be looking at that belly.)

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6. You win points with your spouse and friends by being the designated driver.

You’ll feel all warm and gooey for doing a good deed during the holiday season. Or at least you can take incriminating photos for your own glee.

 7. You can avoid the Christmas chores you hate.

Maybe you despise decorating the tree. Clutch your pearls over how tall the tree is and the potential of electrocution, then curl up on the couch with a mug of cocoa to watch others decorate. Or maybe you hate filling out Christmas cards. Say the envelope glue is bad for baby and that your “pregnancy brain” makes it hard write addresses. Loathe wrapping gifts? Enlist a “helper.” Then take frequent breaks, and blame it on the baby kicking on your bladder.

 8. You’re too warm to feel the cold.

No need to bring a coat when you go shopping, no hats to create a static ball out of your hair, no freezing feet when you get into bed at night. Building a human is seriously warm business and you are HOT. Follow your instincts, even if it means sleeping with the window open. Tell your partner to get a parka and remind them that you’re saving on the utilities this way.

9. You can shop the holiday sales for baby gear.

 Babies are expensive, so this time of year can be great for snagging those high ticket items (car seat, stroller, high chair, play yard) at a bargain.Buying stuff for baby is exciting any time of the year but buying stuff for baby at a bargain will completely satisfy your nesting instinct and make you accomplished. Don’t forget to use part of your savings to get something for yourself.  Maybe some new shoes, since it’s likely yours no longer fit. The best part is that you can use your bump as a way to navigate the crowds without having to throw elbows.

10.   People will let you cut in line.

Holiday crowds mean lines everywhere, but try rubbing your belly and smiling at strangers while you wait in line to checkout/wait to use the bathroom and you may just be rewarded with the magic words, “Oh, you go ahead”…why thank you. Note- Karma dictates that you must do this for pregnant women in line behind you next year.

And remember, no matter what your holiday season brings, relax and enjoy it, knowing  that next year, Baby’s First Christmas will come with a whole new set of very different, but very awesome perks.

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